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Wefert, a production company for fertilisers and biostimulants, is born, ready to become a leading player in the sector on a national and international level.

The property that successfully led Agribios Italiana for 50 years, after its sale to Yara, now enters the fertiliser and biostimulant sector in a decisive manner, once again exploiting the know-how gained in the field of fertilisation and soil fertility, investing new resources and launching a dedicated brand: Wefert. At the helm of the new company are Giovanni Ravagnan as CEO and Carlo Alberto Antoniazzi, a partnership that has already led Agribios Italiana to be one of the market leaders in the organic-based fertiliser sector and that now wants to repeat itself with Wefert.

Wefert, based in the new 8,500 square metre covered facility in Villafranca Padovana (PD), boasts a catalogue that is the result of years of experimentation and field trials, the main strength of which lies in biostimulant products with inoculums of beneficial microorganisms.

It can therefore be said that the company, which was established following the sale of Agribios Italiana, offers the market valid and already extensively tested products, particularly those with inoculums of micro-organisms produced in its own laboratory, based in Assago (MI), while production takes place in a plant recently renovated with a view to Industry 4.0, which has 8,500 square metres of covered area.

Wefert was created to offer solutions to today’s farmers, combining their production needs with respect for the environment, soil and crops, and giving them the tools for regenerative agriculture and to meet the challenges of the European Green Deal.

Wefert will also have control of the brand Il Paese Verde (The Green Country), a Home & Garden division aimed at green enthusiasts and hobby-farmers.