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Making a difference together

The right partner for your business

We support our resellers by offering constant assistance and a catalog of innovative and effective products, which offer a true advantage for end customers. We believe in the importance of building solid and direct relationships, based on reliability, dialogue and active collaboration.

Our strengths


Wefert makes use of the experience gained over 50 years by professionals in the sector and the leadership of the parent company, Agribios Italiana, in order to develop agronomically advanced fertilizers, a unique offer that focuses on research and innovation.


Research and innovation are the fundamentals of our solutions, with leading products that include biostimulant fertilizers enriched with useful microorganisms, rigorously selected and produced in our laboratories.

Quality control

We take care of the entire production chain, and this allows us to have maximum control over the quality and effectiveness of our products, ensuring tangible results and a real advantage for our retailers and end customers.

A collaboration developed with dialogue and passion

Shared values

Open communication and willingness are the key to how we collaborate. We are guided by a direct and informal approach, able to enhance professional and human relationships.

We are convinced that trust is an essential element for facing daily challenges and growing together. This is why we are committed to ensuring transparency, quality and reliability, recognizing the importance of building strong relationships and lasting collaborations.

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