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Experience at the service of innovation

Cultivating the future of agriculture

Wefert is a company specialized in the research and production of biostimulant fertilizers, created to represent a reference point in the sector and a trusted partner for reliability, supply and quality of results.

Thanks to our consolidated know-how, and the leadership that has led the parent company Agribios Italiana for 50 years, today Wefert uses the experience acquired to offer unique solutions, focused on the innovation and development of biostimulants enriched with useful microorganisms and agriculturally advanced fertilizers.


Our goal is to improve the productive and economic performance of agricultural activities through the use of effective fertilizers, deriving from experience, care and innovation, ensuring true benefits to those who reward us every day with their trust.

How we work

Quality and supply chain control

We look to the future to constantly improve products, raw materials and production methods. The result is a constantly updated range of high-efficiency solutions, able to enhance the quality of crops and land. Our flagship products include biostimulant fertilizers and fertilizers enriched with useful microorganisms, rigorously selected and produced in the company’s internal laboratories.

The production takes place entirely in our new plant in Villafranca Padovana (PD), a modern production plant renovated with an industry 4.0 outlook, with an indoor ares of over 8,500 sqm over a 16,500 sqm. property.

Our commitment, your trust

Alongside retailers and farmers

Innovation and control over the entire production chain allow us to ensure quality, tangible results and a real advantage for our retailers and agricultural entrepreneurs, agronomists and field technicians.

We are convinced that trust is a fundamental element in our relationship with our customers, so every day we strive to guarantee results, transparency and reliability, recognizing the importance of building solid relationships and lasting collaborations.


While respecting the environment and biodiversity, we are committed to supporting the capacity of agriculture to meet the demand for adequate food production, an essential source of livelihood for life on our planet.

Our products