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Innovation, productive care and know-how are the basis of our daily commitment: for offering advanced fertilizers that are truly effective and safe.

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Discover our range of fertilizers and biostimulants. Developed to support and feed crops in a targeted and effective way, striking the balance between optimizing agricultural production and echo friendliness. The tested effectiveness, control over the production chain and reliability, allow us to meet the needs of those rewarding us with their trust every day.

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Wefert is founded

The production company for fertilisers and biostimulants is ready to become a leading player in the sector on a national and international level.

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We are committed to offering effective and reliable products, a complete range of innovative solutions that truly benefit those who use them and to those who offer them. We believe in what we do and in the close collaboration with our Partners and Resellers, in offering a service that can make a difference.


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Discover the insights, news and advice from our agronomists, to better support and nourish your crops.